Photo Lab: Marilene Ribeiro

A Photo Lab talk with Marilene Ribeiro at Goldsmiths University of London.

Marilene’s book “Dead Water” has just been shortlisted for the “Arles 2019 LUMA RENCONTRES DUMMY BOOK AWARD”, winners to be announced on the 4th July.

Dead Water tells the story of dams and hydropower from the perspectives of the people who have been affected by these ventures in Brazil stitched together with her own background as a photographer, ecologist, and individual.
It engages with the nature and magnitude of the intangible costs of dams and hydropower, as a counterpoint to the widespread notion of hydropower as a “sustainable and green” energy source that promotes development and fights global warming.

Dead Water is driven by portraits jointly constructed with each participant in dialogue with testimonies, vernacular imagery, drawings, folk songs lyrics, advertising pieces, etc. that provide the context, the atmosphere, the message of the work.

Please check her website to see the full scope of her work.

For more details please follow the direct link.