Bindi Vora / Autograph

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by Bindi Vora, Curatorial Project Manager, Autograph

From the classics published year on year, to new experimental books on photography, I have put together an eclectic selection of photo books all produced by women in 2019. This is by no means a concise list or ‘top’ list – these are simply some of the books I carry with me into 2020. Each one offers a moment to stand still, reflect on and engage with a myriad of subjects, narratives, artistic perspectives and photographic processes, all of which resonate with me and are a source of inspiration.

Teresa Eng

China Dream

China Dream Book Cover

Sabine Mirlesse

Pietra di Luce

Pietra di Luce Book Cover

Katrien de Blauwer

I Close My Eyes, Then I Drift Away

I Close My Eyes, Then I Drift Away Book Cover

Shirley Baker

Shirley Baker

Shirley Baker Book Cover

Lisa Barnard

The Canary and The Hammer

The Canary and The Hammer Book Cover

Nan Goldin

The Other Side

The Other Side Book Cover

Lina Iris Viktor

Some Are Born To Endless Night – Dark Matter [Gold Edition]

Njideka Akunyili Crosby

The Beautyful Ones

The Beautyful Ones Book Cover

Poulomi Basu


Centralia Book Cover