China Dream Book Cover

Teresa Eng

China Dream

Published by Skinnerboox

China Dream captures the personal journey of photographer Teresa Eng who embarked on a journey to explore her ancestral homeland of China. As a second-generation Chinese descendant, Eng felt disconnected to her heritage and culture – “I look like I’m Chinese, but I’m not, I wear different clothes, I have a different demeanour, and I can’t speak the language, so people speak to me but I have no idea what they’re saying.” (Eng)

The book is the culmination of her research and fascinations, the reader begins to see how seemingly stable landscapes and spaces are in constant flux – the architecture; nature; all of which are ever changing through construction and subsequent destruction. What I enjoy about this book is not only the compelling single images that encapsulates these oscillating encounters within the pages of the book; but also this weary sense of journey and trepidation conveyed through the distinct muted tones that appear within the photographs.