The New Woman's Survival Catalog Book Cover

Edited by Kirsten Grimstad and Susan Rennie

The New Woman’s Survival Catalog

Published by Primary Information

A much needed facsimilé reprint. Published in 1973, The New Woman’s Survival Catalog  was an “active attempt to reshape culture through changing values and consciousness.” A critical response to Stewart Brand’s influential Whole Earth Catalog, the editors are mapping and documenting a vast network of feminist tools and organisations. During a two-month road trip in the summer of 1973, the editors gathered the material and interviews for the book: “From arts organizations to bookstores and independent presses, health, parenting, and rape crisis centers, and educational, legal and financial resources, this book provides crucial insight into feminist initiatives and activism nationwide during the Women’s Movement. Styled as a sales catalog, The New Woman’s Survival Catalog comprises listings and organizational descriptions, articles, and extensive illustrations, as well as a “Making the Book” section, detailing the publication’s production”.