Barbara dans les bois Book Cover

Barbara Massart & Nicolas Clément

Barbara dans les bois

Published by Fremok

Made from Super 8 images from the film Barbara in Wood, this book on the edge of the photo-novel is the fruit of collaboration between Barbara Massart, a young artist with mental disabilities and Nicolas Clément, photographer. Barbara Massart untangles miles of woolen spools and gives them life in the form of a second skin. Barbara plays with her image, escapes it, builds it with her costumes, makes others to transform into double magic, to tell the other Barbara in serene, mystical nature. This is a multiple portrait that looks like an initiatory path, this book immerses us in a strange universe built around the story of a hut on fire in the middle of the forest, of children trapped in a brazier and of an escapade on horseback … A western mystical. The works of Barbara Massart are kept in the collections of Bruno Decharme (abcd / art brut, Paris) and Antoine De Galbert (Maison Rouge, Paris). established.