Kaamna Patel

In Today’s News: Alpha Males and Women Power

Published by Editions JOJO

In Today’s News: Alpha Males and Women Power is a limited edition photobook by Kaamna Patel which brings together the complex, if not problematic scopic regimes of patriarchy that become embedded in our ways of seeing and being seen.

The language of an internalised, sexualised gaze and the registers of dominance and entitlement are seen through the artists’ excerpts from print media, zooming in and out of what she would like the viewer to take cognisance of – the very existence of a subtle, yet pervasive power-dynamic, the intergrated violence commited by editorials/tabloids that run these images, and the intensification of social media that seems to normalise how we view the opposite sex, the ‘other’, through real and symbolic everyday acts.

Editions JOJO is the self-publishing alias of visual artist Kaamna Patel.