Diana Tamane

Flower Smuggler

Published by Art Paper Editions

I first encountered Tamane’s work at Tallinn Photomonth in 2017 and was immediately intrigued by her dry humour and conceptual approach. Flower Smuggler brings together for the first time eight bodies of work which focus on different members of the artists family. Many of the works focus on intergenerational maternal relationships between the artist, and her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Other works focus specifically on individual members of the family. For example, One the Road and Mom are an in-depth investigation into the artists mothers life as a truck driver. Tracing her journeys as she works delivering freight across Europe. The book also investigates how photography itself has been used by different members of the artists family. Highlighting photography’s practical functions in works like Sold Out, which reproduces snapshots taken by Tamane’s father to sell products online.

This books is a conceptual delight, playful and eccentric however beneath the surface are complex narratives around economics, history and politics all of which are intertwined with Tamane’s family history.