Alys Tomlinson

Lost summer

Published by Self-published

In a year where so much felt impossible Tomlinson impressively managed to complete a new project and self-publish a photobook. Lost Summer was conceived in the midst of the first lockdown in London, in response to the cancelation of proms across the country. With exams cancelled and the all-important end of school rite of passage events not able to take place Tomlinson set out to record a series of portrait documenting the absence of this moment. Focusing on teenagers aged between 15-19 and limiting herself to young people who lived within walking distance to her North London home Tomlinson used gardens and local parks as an outdoor studio. Photographing these young people in the outfits they would have worn to prom, a reminder of what would have been.

Lost Summer is inspiring in its simplicity. It shows what can be achieved within a series of limitations. Both limitations imposed by the pandemic and those imposed by Tomlinson herself.