Photography and Memory Symposium at Edinburgh Napier University

Photography and Memory is a collaboration between the City Art Centre Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries, and The Glasgow School of Art (GSA).

“Photography is the medium opening a window to a concentrated, captured memory. Such memory is evoked by an artist in an aesthetic condensation of the situation experienced.” (Walter Benjamin)

The Symposium takes as its starting point the following three exhibitions concurrently running at the City Art Centre:

Glean: early 20th Century women filmmakers and photographers in Scotland, curated by Jenny Brownrigg, GSA.
This exhibition surveys the work of fourteen pioneering women photographers and filmmakers, documenting different aspects of rural and urban Scotland.

Edinburgh: A Lost World is an exhibition of work by Ron O’Donnell, Lecturer in Photography at Edinburgh Napier. In the 1970s and 80s O’Donnell photographed interiors of shops and other public spaces across the city. The exhibition tracks social change thirty years later by returning to these forgotten interiors.

Paul Duke is an alumni of Edinburgh Napier’s Photography programme, with his exhibition, No Ruined Stone he returns to Muirhouse to where he grew up from the mid-1960s to early 1980s. His images document urban regeneration and social flux.

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