Report shows limited progress in representation of women artists in public institutions, whilst commercial galleries still favour men / A-N

A new report by the Freelands Foundation has shown that there has been limited progress in the representation of women artists in public institutions, with career success in the visual arts still skewed towards men.

Representation of Female Artists in Britain During 2018 was produced by Dr Kate McMillan, a teaching fellow in culture, media, and creative industries at King’s College. She explored the representation of women artists in major public and commercial galleries, plus the number of women selected to create new work for UK biennials and triennials.

It is the fourth edition of the annual report, and includes five additional pieces of evidence designed to help further understand the role that gender plays in the career outcomes for artists. This includes reviews of the five main national newspapers, the gender of commercial and non-commercial gallery and museum directors in London and across the country, and public art commissions.

The full article is available on the direct link.