Resources for Mothers in Arts

“Mothers in Arts is a small initiative founded by Csilla Klenyanszki, who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Mothers in Arts supports women artists who are also mothers and shines a light on the mother-shaped blindspot within the art world.

It puts forward a discussion about a problem that affects many young artist women when they become parents. Even though many artists have children, parenthood – specially motherhood – remains stigmatized in the art world. Therefore, besides the physical and mental challenges of childbearing an added feeling of isolation can be felt by many mothers.

We believe that women have to remain part of the art community after they’ve become mothers. Mothers in Arts is a platform for artists and through an artists in residency we want to stimulate young women artists with children.

Being a mother is not a stigma; motherhood can accompany a successful artistic practice.”

Their website also has a Crowd-sourced list of initiatives, grants and residencies for parent artists. Submissions welcome to (specify name, description and a link to the resource)