Self Publish Be Happy: How To Online Masterclasses

How To Online Masterclasses give you access to some of the world’s leading photography-industry professionals who will draw on their own work and long experience to explore theoretical and practical issues related to image, book and exhibition making.

Each Masterclass will be an opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn how these experts work – and how to do it yourself.

The How To Masterclass series will take place every Friday in May. Each masterclass will include two hours of teaching.

Friday 1 May How To Develop a Photobook with Lesley Martin

Friday 8 May How To Design a Photobook with Brian Paul Lamotte

Friday 15 May How To Edit and Sequence a Photobook with Bruno Ceschel

Friday 22 May How To Work with Text and Image in a Photobook with Nicholas Muellner

Friday 29 May How To Curate a Photography Exhibition with Simon Baker

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