Shannon Bool 1:1 and Refracting Histories at MoCP, Columbia College Chicago

Tarrah Krajnak, Self-Portrait as Western/as Charis Wilson, 1936/2020

The two exhibitions on view, Shannon Bool 1:1, and Refracting Histories, both explore history of art and architecture through reframing and reinterpreting dominant narratives. Shannon Bool’s work looks to the history of modernism to reveal connections between architecture, consumer culture, and feminist concerns.  Bool’s photo based tapestries, photograms, and sculptures probe the history of modernist architecture, often revealing aspects of patriarchal standards and colonialism that underly the legacies of some of architecture’s most famous practitioners. Meanwhile, the eight artists in Refracting Histories critically consider the traditional photography canon to challenge, interrogate, or deconstruct well-known legacies. These artists reveal contributions of overlooked makers as well as pervasive discrimination is that maintain the status quo.

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