Sistrens in the Struggle: Black Women in Britain – a Symposium

Courtesy of Manchester Archive Plus

Black women in Britain lift as they climb and have continued to do so for decades with minimal recognition or praise. Their fierce commitment to the collective care of their communities is sometimes to their own detriment. As our carers, educators, writers, activists, labourers and friends – who are susceptible to incomparable racial and sexual abuse – Black women must be vigorously protected and honoured for their past and continued efforts, as sisters in the struggle.

This half-day symposium features the voices of activists, academics and artists reflecting on Black feminist/womanist traditions, the legacies of creative and political practices since the 1970s to contextualize and resist our 21st century realities. These presentations run counter to dominant narratives in Black British history to provide us with the language and historical understanding of our culture, self-consciousness and identity.

Programmed by Rianna Jade Parker, co-curator of War Inna Babylon: The Community’s Struggle for Truths and Rights

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