Susan Collins: LAND

In October 2016 a network camera was installed on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem looking east across the West Bank towards the Jordanian Mountains.

The camera is constructing images pixel by pixel, line by line from the top left to the bottom right hand corner of the frame so that each complete image represents just over twelve hours of time. .

LAND is the latest in Collins’ series of works which construct images from remote landscapes over time, and the first to be located outside the UK. LAND’s camera will remain in situ until September 2017, continuously recording this deeply historic, biblical and complicated landscape that has been written about and referenced over millennia. The twelve hour timeframe is intended to loosely refer to Halachic time, which divides the daylight portion of the day into twelve equal hours.

Images from LAND are saved at regular intervals, and will accumulate to form an archive of the year.
The work will be presented as a live transmission at Tel Aviv Artists Studio Gallery from 14 January 2016 – 18 February 2017 along with a series of prints from the work. 

Opening: January 14th, 2017