Take Me To Live With You. A Social Family Album by Sonia Lenzi

“I have always loved visiting the homes of others, not so much to see how people lived their daily lives, but in order to try and understand them better, and in my turn feel accepted by them, becoming part of their lives.”

Involved in this narrative there are people who are part of italian society’s collective memory, having joined the partisan movement, feminism, culture and politics, the fight for civil and women’s rights, the fight against terrorism and mafia, but that are also part of the artist’s personal memory. It is a meditation upon ideals to pass on to future generations. A social family album where spaces, objects, images and texts related to these people are communicating on his or her behalf. They could be considered ideal parents, precisely because during their lives they have embodied fundamental values. Between the lines lies the relationship with her father, encapsulated by his final illness.

Roberta Valtorta, an italian photo critic and photo historian, has written an essay for the book.

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