Talk: ALEXIS HUNTER: VISUAL ACTIVISM at Richard Saltoun Gallery

The Richard Saltoun Gallery is hosting a talk by New Zealand-based art historian, Elizabeth Eastmond on Alexis Hunter, within the framework of the exhibition 10 Seconds at the gallery.

Two generations on from second-wave feminism, Elizabeth Eastmond’s focus is on shifting responses to Alexis Hunter’s work. Considering the significance of her background in an Aotearoa/New Zealand of the nineteen-sixties, emerging feminism, and an early, significant, exposure to the work of Baroque artist Artemisia Gentieschi. Later in London Punk had its impact. The 1970s photographic narrative sequences boldly expose and challenge asymmetrical power relationships, frequently lacing these with a gleeful anarchic humour.  Troubling ambiguities can enter the mix too, as in the major 1978 Dialogue with a Rapist, where early critiques of the work  contrast dramatically with recent ‘intersectional’ approaches. Eastmond will explore these, while anchoring the work in 1970s art practice and proposing an alternative reading.

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