Tensed Muscles

Tensed Muscles is a collaboration between photographic artist Steffi Klenz and rappers Boss B & Brownsilla. Through imagery and music, they explore the relationship between the architectural promise of modernist living; of equality and opportunity, and the reality of living in Maiden Lane, Camden in the 40 years since the estate’s inception.

Steffi Klenz is preoccupied with the built environment in her work, critically exploring the notion of place and spatiality. Her work aims to uncover unexpected narratives and traces of history embedded in the places she works in. Camden Alive, is a two-year arts programme devised to connect outstanding artists with residents from Camden’s housing estates. Klenz collaborated with Maiden Lane rappers Boss B & Brownsilla, making an album of images of sounds being shown at Camden Art Centre from 21 May.

Klenz layers images of the neighbourhood, mixed with architectural plans, archive material and hand-drawn medical illustration to unearth what is hidden beneath the surface of the site. Boss B and Brownsilla’s spoken words are embodied via the use of their hands and Klenz represents this link by using Karl Teigel’s Modernist alphabet, inserting hands of the local people currently living on the estate.

Weaving these stories with their own experiences of living and being in London, the artists reflect on what has been, and of its relevance to lives today. The resulting album presents a complex view of Maiden Lane, one of tension and frustration but also of confidence and optimism.

The exhibition of large-scale photographic works, lyrics and music were conceived by the artists during a residency at the Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre. They explored the histories of Maiden Lane, using maps, newspapers, court reports and images.

The album Tensed Muscles will be presented as a booklet and on Spotify. It can also be seen in augmented reality on the Camden People’s Museum app, available through Android and Apple app stores.

Tensed Muscles has been created as part of Camden Alive. A programme of arts and cultural events that celebrates the people of Camden. Camden Alive is a Cultural Impact Award winner as part of the London Borough of Culture programme.

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