The Aspect of Woman (Ljubljana, 26-27 May 2016)

>³One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,² and there were those,
>who became a woman long before the famous quote of Simone de Beauvoir
>was said out loud in 1949 and who left their footprint, seen or hidden,
>praised or still unrecognized. Last couple of decades have seen a
>radical transformation in the ways of recreation, assimilation,
>dispersion and reception of woman, with scholars and societies trying
>to rediscover her role in the visual culture through times. Critical
>rethinking of the complementary roles and appearances of woman ­
>female, who refused to remain solely the other sex and appeared in the
>context of visual culture throughout the past century as critical and
>provocative subject, challenging possibilities and limitations in the
>world of the first sex, is the main theme of the two day conference on
>³The Aspect of Woman², organised by RI19+.
>The conference is an integral part of an ongoing project ³Artistic
>Creativity of Women from the 19th Century to the Present Time² and is
>the first in line of the periodically scheduled events in the course of
>the following years, all interweaved around woman in visual culture
>throughout the past and present times and intense aims to evaluate and
>analyse their contributions in wider European space.