The Decisive Moment Art Full Frame

‘The Decisive Moment’ is what occurs when the visual and psychological elements of people briefly meet in perfect resonance, expressing the essence of that situation. ‘The Decisive Moment’ also happens as the photographer decides to raise their camera, compose the frame and press the button… click. Each photographer follows a different path, each has their own story and a different way of looking at life, but what they all have in common is what we define as the suspended moment.

In every breath there is an almost imperceptible apnea between inhalation and exhalation (and vice versa). In that moment everything stops, the suspended instant is created, and this is captured by the photographer. Photography is born in the apnea phase, the photographer shoots holding their breath to freeze the moment, to concentrate everything into what is seen through the eyelet. Everything is still, everything is suspended. In that suspended moment, the photographer and camera become one. The image in front of them is composed in the perfect frame and the story is ready to be told.

‘The Decisive Moment’ is a photographic exhibition that tells of this suspended moment, that apnea held by the photographer. The exhibition, organised by agency Art Full Frame, brings together photographers from across the globe, each with the desire to share their unique vision of reality. ‘The Decisive Moment’ is a collection of stories, presented in different styles. In some images, colour will be the protagonist of the story, whilst in others the story will live through the drama of black and white.

Art Full Frame is a young agency, based in London and Rome, created and conceived by three friends who have been working for years in the realization of major events (art, cinema, photography, business) as photographers, art director and communication experts. AFF organizes international photo contests and photo exhibition for photographers to help them increase their international visibility.


Fabio Bartone

Monika Blanka Katterwe

Franco Bonfiglio

Antonio Perrone

Antonio Zarco

Martina Lana

Lorenzo Paruccini

Elina Jokipii

Ansje Visser

Anna Kunst

Barbara Teixeira

Luciano Calvani

Wen Hsieh

Rashmi Bagvatisancar

Rick Cordell

Maurizio Cecchini

Stefania Rosiello

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