The Feminist Archive North

The International Day to End Violence Against Women was instituted by the UN in 1981, and is commemorated every year on 25 November. The date was chosen to honour the Mirabal sisters, three political activists from the Dominican Republic who were brutally murdered in 1960 by order of the country’s ruler, Rafael Trujillo. This photograph was taken in central London the late 1980s. Photographer: Rose Reeve, courtesy of FAN.

The Feminist Archive North (FAN) houses collections on women’s movements, organisations and campaigns. Its initial focus was the North of England, but its collections now cover the rest of the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and the wider world.

The material, which dates back to 1969, covers a variety of topics including:

  • the family
  • health
  • employment and other social policy issues
  • the arts and media
  • militarism and peace
  • lesbianism
  • women’s studies
  • Women’s Aid
  • local women’s centres
  • criminal justice
  • men’s violence against women and girls
  • the politics of the Women’s Liberation Movement and other global women’s movements

The archive is regularly used by students, academics, and activists for research as well as interest.

It holds over 2000 personal papers, conference proceedings, dissertations, books, posters and video and audio recordings. It also contains thousands of local, regional and international feminist journals, pamphlets and newsletters, many of which are unique to the FAN collection.

The collection also contains complete runs of important journals such as Spare Rib, Shrew, Women’s Report, Scarlet Woman, Shifra, and Women’s Voice.

To search the collections please go to the direct link to the FAN website.