The Living Memory Project: The Black Country

Living Memory Project exhibition, 2021, installation shot.

  • The New Art Gallery Walsall is delighted to present the Living Memory Project’s, The Black Country. This exhibition marks the culmination of a four-year engagement with residents of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton in order to record, archive and celebrate everyday life stories and personal photographic collections.
  • To talk on record, to tell our life’s story, and give meaning to one’s personal and treasured photographs is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The experience can be at once emotional, cathartic, enlightening and ultimately life-affirming. To share these stories and photographs with others, online, in print, and through exhibitions, is to make the personal public and invite empathy, understanding and connection. These private stories and treasured images become part of our collective, cultural memory. Geoff Broadway, Director – The Living Memory Project
  • Caroline Molloy’s a body of work ‘Women of Walsall’, made whilst as a Heritage Lottery Funded bursary artist in Walsall (19/20), is exhibited in the Living Memory Project exhibition, at New Art Gallery Walsall. Jan 2021 – September 2021 (open to the public May 2021 onwards). The aims to iconise and reaise the visibility of the women in Walsall and was made in collaboration with Walsall for All who aim to connect communities and proactively engaged with diversity in Walsall. The work builds a living archive of Women of Walsall, that draws from Walsall archive and includes images of women who currently live and work in Walsall. The work is included in the exhibition, on the NAWM blog and featured on Gallery the outward facing banner that advertises current exhibitions. Molloy is Programme Director Fine Art, Digital Arts and Photography at UCA.

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