The Score (You and I Both Know) at The Arcade in Bush House

Corinne Silva, The Score (You and I Both Know) installation view, The Arcade, King’s College London, 2023

The Score (You and I Both Know) is a new exhibition exploring the impact of war on populations living in the aftermath of conflict.

The free exhibition forms part of Conflict and Injury, a research project from the Department of War Studies investigating how war inflicts injuries on individuals, communities and their lived environments. The Score (You and I Both Know) is presented by Professor of International Politics Vivienne Jabri and King’s Culture, in collaboration with contemporary artist Corinne Silva and curator Cécile Bourne-Farrell.

About the exhibition

Silva draws on years of research and practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina to present this new series of works exploring the consequences of the Bosnian War on bodies, landscapes and memory, as well as the remarkable resilience and solidarity of those affected.

Through an installation of photographs and sound The Score (You and I Both Know) transports viewers to the siege of Sarajevo and the embodied, material and auditory cartography of violence. The deeply resonant exhibition is testimony to injury and resistance in the face of the deliberate targeting of civilian populations in time of war, capturing the scenes and sounds of lived experience during conflict and its aftermath.

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