The Story of Julia Margaret Cameron

Illustration and animation : Louise Nelson

Little Stories of Great Women Artists is an original project of playful and educational animated videos for children from the age of 7 and older. The objective of each episode? To shed light on the life and work of a woman artist from the 19th or 20th century in a three-minutes video. Imagined by screenwriter Sophie Caron, each story conveys the originality of an artist’s approach, their importance within an artistic movement, certain significant biographical stories, as well as difficulties that the artist may have encountered in her practice.

In a landscape where children’s publications and activities about art privilege male artists, this new and unique project intends for younger audiences to be able to identify important figures beyond all gender stereotypes. Through the discovery of these women artists, they hope to invite as many people as possible to discover the emotion that art can bring.

In this episode of Little Stories of Great Women Artists, they traveled between France, India, England and Sri Lanka to meet the famous artist Julia Margaret Cameron. “She was forty-eight when she received her first box camera, a gift from her daughter and son-in-law. Aware of her own talent, Julia Margaret Cameron advocated a quintessentially free approach to the photographic medium, conveyed by means of a highly personal and original aesthetic.” Her first works result from experimentations. Her family and friends assist her as models. “By the turn of the century, Julia Margaret Cameron was already recognized in the Anglo-Saxon world as one of the tutelary figures of photographic art.” (Thomas Galifot, extracts from Julia Margaret Cameron’s biographical text to be published in partnership with the musée d’Orsay)

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