There And Not There

Victoria J. Dean and Sharon Murphy share a concern with landscape and with interventions in the landscape: built structures that emanate ambiguous force or presence; and semi-allegorical child-figures who are sited or staged in different natural settings. Dean’s practice explores the human propensity to rationalise space, in the context of place and landscape, while Murphy’s practice conceives of space as ‘staged’ and the body as ‘site’ where the outer world and inner feelings intersect. While each artist’s work is distinctive, they share an unsettling preoccupation with absence.

There is something sinister in the works of these two artists, a feeling that danger is present even though there is no evidence that it will occur. What is there and what is not is not so easy to decipher, allowing for multiple interpretations and stories to be seen. (Sarah McAvera, Curator)

Dates: Exhibition 16th February – 22nd March with a launch on 23rd February at 6pm
Gallery name: Siamsa Tire, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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