Three Easter Pieces by Yan Wang Preston at Messums, London

In her second solo exhibition at Messums London, the Chinese-British photographer Yan Wang Preston presents new works that explore the complexities of cultural migration by restaging iconic artworks in different geopolitical and cultural contexts. The series includes the photographic and performative restaging of artworks such as ‘To Add a Metre to an Anonymous Mountain, 1995’, ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, 1817’, and ‘Olympia,1863’, the latter featuring the first decolonial study of the botanical details in Manet’s painting. Already three years in the making, Three Easier Pieces is the debut appearance of the works. The exhibition will feature a selection of large, collectable prints as well as a ‘Making Room’ sharing behind the scenes materials such as letters for volunteers, snapshots, and films.

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