Jenny, Transformative Moments Series, C. Stephanie Wynne and women of Wirral Change, 2018-19

Transformative Moments

Williamson Art Gallery
Slatey Road, Birkenhead,
Wirral, CH43 4UE

15 June – 26 July 2019

Photographer Stephanie Wynne and women from Wirral Change, a BME outreach centre,
present ‘Transformative Moments’ at the Williamson Art Gallery this June.

 The women came together during 2018 to mark and celebrate the centenary of the crucial point in British history when some women achieved the vote.They researched and discussed historical and contemporary issues that impact upon women, such as education, health and employment.

From this dialogue Stephanie and the women have interpreted through photographs some of the critical personal moments of change in each of the women’s lives – to mirror that pivotal national moment on the 21st November 1918.

The work displays six very different responses to the concept of Transformative Moments. Stephanie, after extensive discourse and collaboration with the group, produced the exhibition as a reaction to their testimonies and to reflect each woman’s individuality.

The photographs give a small glimpse into the lives of these women and how they have dealt with life altering events, made decisions for change or placed themselves within the context of equality.

Their life experiences bear witness to their tenacity, positivity and good humour.

The exhibition is currently on display at The Williamson Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead
and represents the second time both the photographer and women have come together to co-produce a new body of work. This project is a co-commission by Open Eye Gallery & the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum and thanks goes to our partners Wirral Change and supporters Eleanor Rathbone Foundation.