Trish Morrissey at Impressions Gallery

Image: Bitzer from The Failed Realist, 2011 © Trish Morrissey.

Trish Morrissey: Autofictions – Twenty years of photography and film


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It is the first major survey of work by Trish Morrissey in the UK. The exhibition brings together photographs and films spanning over twenty years of the artist’s career and will be the UK premiere of several bodies of work, including Morrissey’s new film Eupnea (2023).

Morrissey came to prominence in the early 2000s among a generation of female photographers working with staged photography, often putting themselves in the picture. Throughout her career, the artist has combined performance, photography, and film to play real and fictional characters. Using herself, and in collaboration with others, Morrissey’s practice explores historic and contemporary ideas about women, family and the body.

Morrissey appears in her photographs and films, sometimes performing all the roles herself, and often chooses characters with whom she identifies. This creates a kind of ‘autofiction’ whereby experiences from her own life are explored through the stories of others.

Themes of motherhood and female inheritance run through the exhibition, with Morrissey collaborating with her mother, sister and daughter in several works. Broadly chronological, Autofictions is loosely structured around a narrative about female experience from youth to middle age, and beyond.