Two online events on Lee Miller

Image: Self portrait with headband, Lee Miller Studios, Inc., New York, USA c.1932 by Lee Miller © Lee Miller Archives, England 2021. All rights reserved.

Lee Miller: Considering a Life of Artistic and Political Liberation
Thursday 10 June, 5pm BST

A round table discussion on the remarkable work of photographer Lee Miller. The event will consider how her visual practice was driven by notions of personal, artistic and political liberation which set her at the very front of the artistic avant-garde in the 1930 and 1940s. The conversation will explore her relationship with Paris and how she came to see the city as a unique space of surrealist liberation, in particular through two key moments in her life: as a photographer in Paris between 1929 and 1932 and as a photojournalist who covered the Liberation of Europe 1944 – 45 for Vogue.

Introduced by Professor Mary Krell (Sussex) chaired by Professor Martin Evans (Sussex), speakers: Ami Bouhassane (Lee Miller Archives), Professor Hanna Diamond (Cardiff), Dr. Sarah Dunstan (Queen Mary), Antony Penrose (Lee Miller Archives)

Lee Miller: Attic to Archives
Friday 11 June, 5pm BST

Zoom presentation followed by Q&A. A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Lee Miller Archives which houses more than 60,000 negatives of Lee Miller’s work, 20,000 vintage prints, many manuscripts and ephemera.

In 1977, when Lee Miller died, her photography work had been largely forgotten. This presentation tracks the history of the archives, its knock backs and successes.

Ami Bouhassane (granddaughter of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose) presents the story of how Lee Miller’s family came to conserve and disseminate her work, that of Roland Penrose and their home Farleys, now open to the public.

Both events can be accessed free via