URBAN ENCOUNTERS 2017: CARTOGRAPHIES – conference at Tate Britain

​Join artists, photographers and researchers for our annual conference focusing on cities and urban spaces

For its tenth year anniversary, under the theme of ‘Cartographies’, this two-day event explores how we make sense of places through visual, sonic and photographic representations, across a variety of global contexts. Bringing together a wide range of international artists, urban theorists and cultural activists, whose work is concerned with mapping contemporary city spaces and landscapes, the programme focuses on the politics of representation, history and memory, and what counts as knowledge.

Speakers include: Peter Bennett, Stefano Carnelli, Ofri Cnaani, Jamila Cooper, Layla Curtis, Garin Dowd, Diego Ferrari, Gill Golding, Paul Halliday, Michelle Henning, Edward Hillel, Claire M. Holdsworth, Joseph Kendra, Caroline Knowles, Linda Lai, Dinu Li, Matei Mitrache, Abbas Nokhasteh, Susan Philipsz and Monica Sassatelli.

This event is organised in partnership with the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths; University of West London, Kingston; Falmouth Universities and Openvizor.

Urban Encounters 2017 is part of the five day UrbanPhotoFest programme. See www.urbanphotofest.org for further programme details.