VASA PROJECT: Online exhibition of Latin American Women photographers

About The Exhibition:

Exhibition curator: Ximena Echague (Belgium) and Fernanda Pineda (Colombia)

VASA Exhibitions is presenting a series of exhibitions curated by Ximena Echague (Belgium) titled “Magical Realism”. The series will host the work of Latin American Women photographers.

Magical Realism is a Hispano-American literary movement that includes fantastic elements in the narrative, which seeks to deepen reality through the magic that we find in it.

In this second exhibition VASA will exhibitthe work of woman photographers living and working in Mexico.

There is something timeless in these photographs by Mexican women, a long wait, a pause, something suspended in time, where a magical element seeps into the images, like visual metaphors.

Images that whisper, suggest, representing desire, sublimation, or warning in search of that part of the whole, hidden in our imaginary.


Mexican photography is strong in symbolism, sometimes rough but often lyric, portraying tough realities but seldom far from poetry and even comedy. Mexican photographers never shy away from interpreting reality in original and poetic ways, never seeking to be politically correct or just aesthetically pleasing.

These Mexican Women Photographers have a message and are not afraid of conveying, forcefully or subtly, often both. Their work never ceases to surprise and leave no one indifferent.

The series focus is not the usual one, where the Latin American photographers traditionally explore through documentary photography the complexities of its political and social fabric. On the contrary, in this innovative approach, the artists explore new ways, in which “the object” merges with pretty surreal or fantastic elements, creating a photographic language deeply connected to Latin American Magical realism in literature.


To access the exhibition and to know more about the artists and VASA PROJECT, please visit VASA PROJECT website