Women Alternative Photography Group Launch & Artist Talk

Celebrate the launch of the Women Alternative Photography Group with Founder and Director Elizabeth Ransom, Gül Cevikoglu and Megan Ringrose on the 25 March 6pm (GMT).

Women Alternative Photography Group is a feminist research project celebrating women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+, and gender-diverse artists from all backgrounds working with alternative photographic processes. Women Alternative Photography Group aims to foster the development of new knowledge and research, promote and support marginalised groups, and create a community of like-minded people.

Join WAPG for the official launch and artist talk where they will reveal what’s coming up at WAPG including:

• Interview series with alternative/experimental/analogue photographic artists

• Upcoming alternative photography workshops

• Future Exhibitions

What better way to launch WAPG than to showcase two incredible women working with unique photographic processes? Learn about the exciting work of Gül Cevikoglu and Megan Ringrose.


Gül Cevikoglu is an experimental photographer who immerses in a vibrant world of chemical reactions, sunlight, plant life, and other unconventional elements, using a variety of photographic processes to extract new life and landscapes. Through their colorful and creative approach, Gül pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and invites us to see the world in a new and exciting way.



Megan Ringrose is an artist and curator. Her photographic work is grounded in research of the fundamental properties of photography: light, time, process, and materiality. She specifically references the history of photography in her work by the interrogation of process in order to create new ways of working and thinking.



Elizabeth Ransom is an artist, researcher, curator, and educator. Her art practice takes from her own lived experiences of migration to explore homesickness and transnationality. Elizabeth’s research builds on theories of migration, place attachment, and declarative episodic memory, particularly from the perspective of the migrant woman. Her work has been exhibited internationally in the UK, India, Mexico, China, and the US. Elizabeth founded WAPG in March 2023 to celebrate and foster the work of women alternative photographic artists.



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