Helen Chadwick, In the Kitchen (Stove), 1977 © The Estate of the Artist. Courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery, London and Rome

Tate Britain presents Women in Revolt!, a landmark exhibition of feminist art in the UK from 1970 to 1990. It explores how interconnected networks of women used radical ideas and rebellious methods to make an invaluable contribution to British culture. Showcasing work by over 100 women artists and collectives living and working in the UK, this is the first major survey of its kind.

Painting, drawing, photography, textiles, printmaking, film, sculpture, and archival materials have been brought together to map a landscape of creative practice forged against a backdrop of extreme social, economic, and political change. As well as celebrating the work of well-known artist working with photography such as Sonia Boyce, Susan Hiller, Chila Kumari Singh Burman and Linder, Women in Revolt! platforms many women, who despite long careers, have been largely left outside the artistic narratives of the time. Shown in a major institutional exhibition for the first time are works by Poulomi Desai and Shirley Cameron among many others.

Presented chronologically, the exhibition begins with the first women’s liberation conference in the UK, Miss World protests and the formation of the Brixton Black Women’s Group. Artists such as Margaret Harrison, Penny Slinger and Monica Sjöö subverted the expected roles of women in society, while Kate Walker, Monica Ross and Su Richardson worked collectively on a postal art project, demonstrating how communities of women found ways to work collaboratively without formal infrastructure. Many of these pieces have not been shown since the 1970s.

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