Women X Film Festival

2020 was a weird year, to say the least. But, if anything, it truly showed how powerful people can be when they come together to support something they love. Like most people, Rianne Picture’s grand plans were impacted by the pandemic. At first, they were distraught that they had to give up the lovely venue and the prospect of meeting so many like-minded creatives in person for a weekend of fun and networking.

However, moving to a fully digital platform brought with it more positives than they could have ever imagined. Not only were they able to create such a communicative and collaborative space full of amazing creatives from all around the world, but they were also able to make the first installment of Women X festival as inclusive and accessible as possible. From the calm creative space, to the networking space, to the variety of workshops and panels – everything was available to access online (with closed captions), meaning that they were able to welcome an incredible over 180 people to the festival! If it hadn’t been for the power of togetherness and the passion that people have for celebrating film, they may not have been able to reach so many people in their first year, so they are incredibly grateful for the support they received.

It’s that pure positivity and celebration that lies at the very heart of Women X film festival. They’re not about the big budgets or the star-studded casts. They’re not about solely focussing on work that comes out of London. They’re about showcasing the underrepresented voices that deserve to be heard in the film industry. They’re about supporting global stories that deserve the opportunity to be seen by a diverse audience. They’re about celebrating the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes from female and non-binary creatives and POC. They’re about amplifying the spectrum of LGBTQ+ narratives.

They can’t wait to welcome everyone to the second installment of Women X film festival (make sure to put September 10-12 2021 in your diaries now!), but in the meantime you can see the selection from 2020 along with the award winners and some highlights on their website.

For more details please follow the direct link.