Work Show Grow

Work Show Grow is an educational online community for creatives from all levels, stages and entry points, which supports your growth through school membership, mentorship, workshops and events.

Work Show Grow was founded in 2018 by Natasha Caruana, an award-winning and internationally recognised artist and educator. Art education has changed a lot in the past two years and during that time, Work Show Grow has organically grown its reach and reputation. Work Show Grow believe in steady and sustainable progress and almost two years to the day, they are excited to share their new addition: the Work Show Grow school – a dedicated online educational platform.

Work Show Grow invite creatives from around the world to work with, whatever their level or stage in their journey, knowing that the need persists, now more than ever before, to be more open and collaborative.

To find out more information or to enrol please follow the direct link.