A Personal and Public Tool: for ‘Daughters’ – Sonia Lenzi at Artphilein Library

It was difficult to select the books for this exhibition, but in the end I concentrated on books that I feel part of my experience on one side, and on books that are specifically related to environment, family or violence, in a broader sense, on the other side, as these are the themes discussed with Artphilein during the process that lead to the publication of my last book, ‘Looking for My Daughters. A book of love and worries’. Some of them are strictly related to feminism, especially 1970s feminism, the one of my mother generation, and others I suggested the Women Centre in Bologna, my hometown, to acquire, as I thought they were relevant for the feminist discourse.

The books I chose as part of my experience have been given to me by other photographers I am close to or are part of my collection or have influenced my practice and approach to photography: this could be an endless list and I had to confine this anyway to the ones who are actually part of my library or Artphilein library. All of them are books I wish could be seen and appreciated by younger generations.

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