Beyond Fashion at the Saatchi Gallery

Elaine Constantine, Girls on Bikes, 1997 © Elaine Constantine

Beyond Fashion showcases the work of acclaimed fashion photographers from around the world. The works demonstrate how fashion photography has moved past the simple presentation of product lines to reflect on the reality of our lives, to explore our aspirations and to push at the boundaries of creativity.

Including works by Maisie Cousins, Viviane Sassen, Elinor Carucci, and Ellen von Unwerth, Beyond Fashion celebrates the vision and creativity of these artists and image-makers, and documents how fashion photography has become a new and exciting visual language.

Divided into four sections: Allure, Fantasy, Realism, and Surrealism, the exhibition tells the story of how fashion photography has become more than a commercial device, and has evolved into an art form in its own right. Viewers will travel from the glossy setting of the photography studio to the grassroots of street photography, and discover the vast and diverse forms which fashion photography can take.

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