Covering Beauty: Global Photography from Alissa Everett

Image by Alissa Everett

Alissa Everett will be in conversation talking about two decades of documenting social issues, remote locations and indigenous cultures

About this event

Photographer Alissa Everett will be in conversation with RPS President Simon Hill on two decades of documenting social issues, remote locations, and indigenous cultures from Iraq to Ukraine.

Everett initially began her journey as a photographer in conflict zones and was on the ground during major events in the Iraq conflict – she was the only photographer allowed to take pictures at the capture of Saddam Hussein’s infamous sons on the outskirts of Mosul and was in Baghdad – documenting the local reaction when Hussein himself was found. Despite this, her work has never been about the oft-sensationalized aspects of war, and she has actively shied away from the role of conflict documentarian to follow the human consequences of large-scale crises. In contrast to media reportage and photojournalism capturing brutality and fighting, Everett’s work takes on an almost painterly feel as she captures intimate moments of life through the lens.

Alissa Everett is Californian born. Now Nairobi based photographer she has been working since 2003 to document humanitarian issues in countries around the world including Iraq, Darfur, Gaza, South Sudan, Afghanistan, DR Congo and Ukraine. Alissa’s work has been recognised by the International Photography Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, Siena Photo Awards, Gordon Parks Photo Awards, Photography Open Salon Arles and the International Women’s Media Foundation. In 2007 Alissa founded Exposing Hope, a 501 (c)(3) C3 non-profit (, to raise awareness and funds for victims of human rights abuses worldwide through documentary photography.

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