Delphine Bedel: How Women Invented the Photobook

CONTACT Women and Photobooks Symposium
May 4, 2019 @ AGO’s Jackman Hall, Toronto, Canada

Publishing was, historically, the privileged medium to circulate images, and women used it to claim their artistic, economic, political and sexual independence. Although their contribution to the history of photography and to publishing was definitive and groundbreaking in many areas, the publications documenting their achievements are scarce. The degree of erasure and misrepresentation, the lack of documentation, academic research and archives, brings a sense of urgency: It is a collective task and responsibility to write a different history of women artists and photographers and their editorial practices. What are the conditions—political, socio-economic, artistic, etc.—that made this erasure possible? And to what extent are these conditions still present?

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Delphine Bedel founded Meta/Books—a collaborative and versatile publishing and research platform—in 2014. Through curated events, publishing experiments, lectures, and feminist education projects, Meta/Books aims to foster a critical debate on these practices as they emerge, and to advocate for the creation of a Charter for Equality in Art & Design.

CONTACT is an annual month-long festival of photography exhibitions and events held throughout the Toronto area during the month of May