Dayana Rivero

Any Other Form

Set between the physical and sublime, Any Other Form explores the female bodily landscape through black-and-white compositions and evocative visual dialogues. In Platonic philosophy “Form” is regarded as the non-physical essence of all things of which objects in the real world are imitations. Here, we contemplate the body as the object imitating the “Form” beauty.

By emphasizing the purity of forms, shapes, and lines we are able to move to a more abstract plane of admiration. The figure is freed from any one imposed definition or expectation and, instead, it becomes a vehicle that connects us with the sublime. Beauty as the experience of wholeness.

About the Artist

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Born in Cuba, Dayana immigrated to the United States at a young age. She studied fine arts throughout her early years and holds a B.S. Architecture degree.

Dayana’s background in Architecture informs not only how she looks at the world, but how she sees through the camera. Driven by the seduction of forms she explores the interrelatedness of the physical body, geometries, and the natural environment while alluding to their abstract essences. Her images are recognized for having an intrinsic sensibility to composition, color, and use of light.

For Dayana, the camera is the converting agent between the intangible internal vision and the physical outward constituent. The darkroom is a space where the full potential of what the image could be / wants to be unravels.