Geekender: Towards a Feminist Internet

Our next Geekender is coming 16 – 18 March!

In collaboration with UAL Futures’ Feminist Internet Project we will be speculating on issues of power, gender and technology with a weekend of events, workshops and experimentation.

Friday night will kick off with a panel on “Tomorrow’s Nipple: censorship, subversion and social media” about the control of images on social media, and the corporate policing of nipples online.

Saturday Afternoon

1-4pm: Swing by our studio floor to explore feminist zine-making, or get tips on handling online harassment. The Saturday drop-in workshops are presented in collaboration with Feminist Library, Amnesty International and Glitch!UK. Free, with day pass.

Saturday Night: Geekender Party

6-9pm: Experience our late evening takeover of the Gallery by the Feminist Internet Project in collaboration with the event collective Resis’Dance, including live performances and installations from femminancybitch69, Charlie Craggs, and Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley. The Feminist Internet digital clinic will also be open, where you can discover how you can be transformed into an antibody to fight the virus of online abuse and harassment.

Sunday afternoon we will be running an Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon where you can learn how to edit Wikipedia in order to address gaps in the coverage of knowledge about women, gender, feminism, and the arts in this important online resource.

Please follow direct link for more information.