Gestures of Resistance: an exhibition curated by Jean Wainwright in Athens, Greece

Gestures of Resistance aims to respond to our current general mood of political anxiety and alienation by opening up socio-political critique in order to resist the palpable feeling of disempowerment. Rather than accepting the non-choice of the neoliberal setup of Greece or current right-wing politics both in America and Europe, the artists of Gestures of Resistance reflect on the current state of our political condition, our current housing situation, the state of education and art, liberalism, diversity and pluralism in this moment of historical crisis, whereby the state of today seems to have strong links to the state of the past.

2017 is a meaningful year, in that it marks the 60th anniversary of the Sputnik Shock, a moment of great significance in the establishment of the Cold War which resulted for many people in a struggle for liberation, political freedom and individual identity. 2016 marked significant political events: on the 23rd June 17.4 million British citizens voted to leave the European Union, killing the UK’s membership of the biggest and most prosperous trading bloc in the world. On the 8th November 2016, Donald Trump was elected the American President and the Republicans retained the Control of Congress and Senate. 27 years earlier, on the night of the 8th November 1989, the Berlin Wall came down.

20 -30 April 2017, Romantso Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

Admission Free.

Opening times exhibition: Monday – Sunday, 12 – 8pm

 Private View: Thursday 20th April, 7 – 9pm, Performance 8pm Malgorzata Markiewich

 Procession: Saturday 22nd April, Breakfast at 11am, Procession at 12.30pm


ROMANTSO Cultural Centre, Αnaxagora 3-5, Οmonoia, Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30 2167003325, email:

Nearest Athens Underground Station: Omonoia

 Supported by the University for the Creative Arts and the British Council