Helen Sear: Composites at the Centre for British Photography

Helen Sear: Composites presents three large-scale composite works that emphasise the indivisibility of the human and the natural worlds. In the lightbox Caetera Fumus, a rapeseed field is pierced by arrows inspired by a painting of Saint Sebastian by Mantegna, and in the extraordinary multi-panel glasswork, Cold Frame, Sear presents a cold frame at the scale of a domestic greenhouse.

Sear questions whether it is possible to have a view of nature without incorporating the human presence. She emphasises that what she records is not something that is separate or distant. Instead she is a part of nature and the experience is immersive. One way she does this is by disrupting a fixed-point perspective in many of her large composite works. The viewer follows her as she moves around, looks up and down, travels from the front to the back. In denying a fixed-point perspective and stitching her images together, she creates multi-layered landscapes. Ultimately, what Sear achieves in her composites is active, rather than static, viewing