Janette Beckman: Rebels at Foam, Amsterdam

The exhibition Rebels is the first large scale retrospective of the iconic punk and hip-hop photographer Janette Beckman. With a photographic career stretching over four decades, she documented pivotal underground movements from the early stages of the punk and hip-hop scene to recent movements like Black Lives Matter. The exhibition sheds light on themes such as social justice, political activism, and youth culture.

Rebels serves as a tribute to some of the most important social movements and subcultures of recent decades and includes a mix of images, contact sheets, and vinyl covers. Beyond her contribution to music cultures, the exhibition pays homage to rebels who challenge social and political norms, showcasing her photographs of recent movements such as Black Lives Matter, Anti-Trump protests, and peace demonstrations for Gaza. Beckman’s commitment to capture the subversives, revolutionaries and provocateurs highlights the broader social impact of her work. Furthermore, the exhibition explores how Beckman’s photographs have influenced brands, highlighting her campaigns for renowned brands such as Dior, Kangol and the shoot for Gucci x Dapper Dan.

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