Marilene Ribeiro. Dead Water

Dead water by the photographer Marilene Ribeiro is the winning project of the last call for Discoveries PHotoESPAÑA. Year after year, PHotoESPAÑA selects the best portfolio from among all those that are presented to the viewings; the award consists of an individual exhibition during the next edition of the festival. On this occasion, Casa de América is the headquarters that hosts the winning project of Discoveries PHotoESPAÑA 2020 .

Through this exhibition, Marilene Ribeiro delves into the lights and shadows of hydroelectric energy, from the perspective of the inhabitants of areas affected by major civil works. The work talks about the lives of those families on the banks that have been affected by the construction of dams for hydroelectric purposes in three different regions of Brazil.

Dead water flows between two rivers, that of the material and that of the intangible – beauty, identity, memory, the transcendental. Both rivers converge within the space of this work: the meeting area, the territory where exchanges between the subjects and the photographer take place. The project has a series of “co-created” portraits between the photographer and the protagonists of the stories collected in the exhibition, as well as a compilation of images of their immaterial losses due to these hydroelectric works.

Marilene Ribeiro is a Brazilian visual artist who focuses her artistic practice on identity and contemporary social issues, combining photography, intervention and collaboration. His works are fundamentally focused on environmental issues and human rights, investigating the views of the Global South towards decolonial perspectives and approaches.

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