Norwegian magazine OBJEKTIV #12: Into the light


Objektiv #12 is inspired by, and will be launched during the conference Fast Forward: Women in Photography at Tate Modern in November, 2015. Keen to contribute to this initiative, we have singled out three women whom we would like to fast forward into the light: B. Ingrid Olson, Marie Svindt and Lieko Shiga. Photographer and writer Lucas Blalock has interviewed Olson, whose work, in his words has ‘a beguiling presence’ that begs an engagement both cerebral and bodily. Artist and writer Kristian Skylstad talks to Svindt, discussing how her parallel nursing training has affected her new work. And finally, the editor of Aperture, Michael Famighetti, interviews Shiga about her practice, which extends beyond photography into sculptural and social realms. These three artists have all made picture essays especially for this issue.

For the past two years we have also been working with our online journal where we publish shorter interviews, features and reviews. It is updated regularly and it recently recieved further funding to grow even more. Our latest piece is an interview with Fiona Tan by Rachael Vance, and coming up is a piece on Ocean of Images, the New Photography exhibition at MoMA.  Since June we’ve also collaborated with the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet’s Portalen in order to get an even bigger audience for the work we show.

We are also happy to announce our two new members of the board, two Americans are taking over for Morten Andersen who’s been with us since our very first issue, and Bjarne Bare who joined us from Objektiv #3. We want to say a big thank you to them, and wish Brian Sholis and Lucas Blalock a warm welcome to our board consisting of Ida Kierulf, Susanne Østby Sæther, Sara Larsen Stiansen and Nina Strand.

More info is here.