Absences and Silences Summer Symposium

Artists and researchers are invited from all fields to take part in this artistic research circle, a migratory non-hierarchical group of international participants. Participants from all geographical, artistic, cultural and academic contexts and backgrounds, both outside and within universities and other institutions are welcome.

The circle is developed within the framework of Nordic Summer University, which consists of thematic study circles that meet twice a year on a three-year cycle. The 2019–2021 cycle is called Artistic Research | Performing Heterotopia and this summer symposium will be the second of six symposia taking place during this time period. The circle aims to share ways artistic research can explore, experiment with, critique, create and perform heterotopias, which are spaces, temporalities and practices that disrupt the continuity and the norms of ordinary reality. We hope not only to engage with heterotopic concepts, but to be a heterotopic space.

In the summer session the focus will be on the many forms of absences and silences, and the ways they are invisibly present in everyday realities, physical and social spaces, and inner lives. Stories, experiments and contexts surrounding absent people, silenced voices and haunting experiences, as well as in possibilities of artistic practice and research to approach, create and investigate the unseen, unheard, unknown and unthought. Proposals of artistic research that are engaged with the qualities of absence, its sites and its presences are welcomed.

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