Artist(s) Needed For R&D Commission

The purpose of the commission is to research and develop a variety of ideas, themes and a building from Stoke’s past, to which we can bring to life through our future artwork (which will be fundraised for separately.)

The commission is to create concept for a journey through a disused building where the audience gets to interact and the experience the artwork. Theresa is interested in work which includes the following: literature, storytelling, work encompassing more than one art form, and audiences interacting with the building.

As part of the process, local interest groups with a connection to the building and/or story will be consulted with to bring a personal touch to the project.

This commission will run from February – April 2017 with phase two, subject to funding, running over summer 2017.

The location will be in the city centre of Stoke-on-Trent (Hanley).