An open call to submit your photographs for inclusion in Schilt Publishing’s forthcoming cat book!

Dear photographers,

Schilt Publishing’s logo is a cat. Not just a cat, but our famous Rhubarb, born in our house in 2008 when I was attending the British photography festival Rhubarb Rhubarb. He still lives happily with us, his mother Dusha and our third cat, “aunt” Mirella.
When Maria Louise and I erected Schilt Publishing in 2009, we immediately thought of Rhubarb becoming the logo of the new publishing house. Rhubarb was for me strongly connected with photography and his very beautiful gazing eyes did the rest. We asked artist Paul van der Steen to make a drawing of him, being free in his interpretation. The only thing we said was to keep in mind he should “fit” well on the spine of book. Paul did a marvellous job and our logo was born!

Already for a quite a while we have planned to publish a superb photography book on cats. Not just another book about these magnificent creatures, but a cat book so beautiful as never has been made, with stunning photography by stunning photographers. In December 2015 I read an article in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad by Sacha de Boer, a great photographer with whom I wanted to make a book once anyway and of course a devoted cat lover. I contacted her to ask her if she would be interested to become the editor of our cat book. Sacha immediately agreed and will of course be one of the photographers of the book too. Victor Levie, designer (and much more) of many of our books, has also joined the cat book team.

We have already received many fantastic photographs from the wonderful photographers that we have published books from and represent in our gallery, but we want to extend the book to include other photographers that we haven’t had the pleasure of working with yet. So therefore we do ask for your kind cooperation. Will you please send us the very best photographs you ever made of a cat?

Sacha, together with Victor, will make the final edit for the book. We will decide later on the exact storyline of the book, depending on the kind of photographs we will receive as well as on research still to be done; we want to keep an open mind now.

In return we can offer you never ending fame being part of the best book on cats ever, and of course a copy of the book, signed by Rhubarb (if he agrees; you know cats!) We plan to release the book in Fall 2017 with a travelling exhibition, produced by Schilt Gallery. You will be kept informed about everything of course.

Yasmin Keel, our marketing manager and publishing assistant, will collect all your work. So please send your scans to her: If you have any questions you can direct yourself to her too.
We thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and are looking forward to receiving your work before March 1st, 2017. If you would like to join but can’t hold that date, please contact Yasmin.
Warmest regards from myself and the whole cat book team,

Maarten Schilt