Call for proposals for research focused on Eastern European artists working in the region in the 1950s and 1960s.

European ArtEast Foundation (EAEF), in collaboration with Delfina Foundation, is inviting proposals for grants for research focused on Eastern European artists working in the region in the 1950s and 1960s. The purpose of these grants is to give art historians and curators the opportunity to carry out ambitious research projects that will make a significant contribution to the field of art history in Eastern Europe. EAEF’s goal is to stimulate a nuanced understanding of the history and legacy of modernism in Eastern Europe and to bring attention to overlooked artists who were important in their time but had no international exposure due to the specific political context.

Research Grant Brief

EAEF are interested to receive proposals to study artistic activity in Eastern Europe between approximately 1948 and 1968. The themes of the research are open and are not limited to a particular artistic tendency or medium but should target relevant movements, or unique artistic positions.

The area of interest, Eastern Europe, was once easily definable, but the dissolution of Cold War blocks, rapid change in the post-communist world and the growth of the EU altered this. Proposals should focus on artistic activity in the former communist block, the area between the Baltic and Adriatic seas.

The researcher should determine and describe their research methodology and this should be appropriate to the study proposed. Ambitious and novel research proposals that address new concepts and techniques and those with the potential for significant artistic impact are encouraged.

The EAEF are particularly interested in research that has a tangible outcome, for example an exhibition, a series of workshops or lectures, a book or a film. Proposals should demonstrate a plan, or potential, for dissemination of the research. This might include to a specialist audience, through academic conferences or publishing, or to a more general audience. A written report, and / or other documentation where appropriate, outlining the research undertaken and the findings should be submitted to EAEF upon completion.


The call is primarily to academic researchers in art history and curators, although artists or researchers from other disciplines can apply where they can demonstrate that the proposal contributes to an art historical context. We are keen to encourage fresh ideas from new researchers and appropriate proposals are welcomed from those with limited research experience.

The applicant can be based anywhere.

Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers are eligible to apply as are researchers applying on behalf of cultural or academic institutions.

Joint applications with a collaborator or co-researcher are also eligible however please note that grants will be awarded per proposal.

Support available and criteria

EAEF will award up to three research grants of between £3000 and £6000.

Proposals should outline how the grant will be spent; eligible expenses include researcher fees / salary costs, travel and subsistence.

Decisions will be based on a number of criteria including the quality, relevance of subject, potential impact and value for money of the proposal.


Application deadline: 5pm Monday 4 June 2018
Awards announced by: Monday 16 July 2018
Final report on the completed research submitted by: 31st March 2019


For more information about how to apply please download the call for proposals here*.